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2011-Mar-31 - Anal Sex Is Great

doggy style fuck

For a lot of people anal sex is a taboo topic. It is very appreciated by some of us and hated by others. Some people are tempted to try it just because it's so mysterious and because they don't know anything about it. While sex through vaginal penetration is classic and practiced by everybody, anal sex is a decision that each couple has to make. The man is the one that usually comes with the proposal and you agree to try it once in order to decide if you like it or not and to see if you should include it in your "menu".


When it comes to anal sex the first impression is crucial! A lot of women refuse to repeat the experience because of the pain and the discomfort. The detail you're forgetting is that you might miss the chance for real pleasure just because you didn't prepare properly for your first "date" with anal sex. There are a lot of "techniques" that can help you transform anal sex into a satisfying and intense experience even from the first time.


First of all you must have a positive attitude regarding anal sex. If you think it's a dirty act and the idea doesn't tempt you at all, you don't have to try it just to make him happy and hope that you might like it. The moment you accept to have anal sex you must be really curious about it and have no inhibitions.


The second thing you shouldn't forget about is foreplay. You can't have anal sex without foreplay, maybe just in rare cases. Even in porn movies actresses need to warm up. Your boyfriend should first stimulate your clitoris and your vagina. He has to make sure that you're super horny. You can have normal sex until you get to a point close to the orgasm. Meanwhile he can stimulate your anus with a toy or a finger. From this moment you have to decide when you're ready for the penetration.


hot anal sex fuck

Once you're done with stimulation and foreplay and you're ready for anal penetration, the position is very important. You on top is the ideal position for normal sex because you're the one controlling the rythm and the depth of the penetration. But for anal sex this position is not recommended. For good anal sex you should try the positions that don't require you to move. Why? Because like this you mantain your anus relaxed and the "procedure" doesn't become painful. A good position for beginners is to have him on top and for more "advanced" lovers a good position is the doggy-style.


How do you get an orgasm? When having anal sex don't forget about the other parts of your body. The chances to get an anal orgasm are bigger if your boyfriend also takes care of your vagina and your clitoris. Many women consider anal sex an amazing fantasy and they can reach orgasm also with the help of their big imagination. It is said that the anal orgasm is the most intense type of orgasm. When it comes to anal sex there are only two extremes: pain or pleasure. It is up to you to reach the side of extreme pleasure!

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2011-Mar-22 - Outdoor Sex

 Are you tired of the same places where you have sex? Do you want to do something more exciting? I might have some suggestions for you. Me and my boyfriend used to have sex only in our bedroom. I must admit that was very boring, at least after a while. We talked and figured out that we have to do something about that. The sex was great, he still had that special ability to make me feel I'm in heaven! The problem was...the routine. So we had to change something in our sex life just to make it a little bit more spicy :-) And we decided to find some new places where we could have sex.

The first options were of course still a little conservative. We tried all the rooms in the house: the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom (under the shower and not only). After that we wanted more. We thought it would be very exciting if we had sex in a public place. One day he picked me up and took me for a ride. We parked in a quiet place and we had sex in the car. It was awesome because it was the first time we did that and it felt pretty cool but I have to say it wasn't very comfortable. That's just a detail if you bother to care about it.

This was just the beginning of our outdoor sex adventure. From that day we kept searching for new places because we wanted to experience as much as possible. This is amazing when you have a partner who understands the pleasure of doing something new and who shares the same sexual fantasies as you. It will make your relationship even stronger. You can have a sort of a contest and see who comes up with the craziest ideas! I did that with my boyfriend and we had plenty of sweet ideas: on the beach, in the  park, in the forest, in the mall (in the changing cabin), in the elevator, on a train, in my neighbor's backyard...and there are a lot more.

In my opinion the craziest place ever was...on the roof. It was his idea. Yes, on the roof! It was fantastic, the most exciting experience of my life, at least until now. But I'm sure we'll come up with even more shocking ideas! And I'm pretty sure you can do that too. Outdoor sex is great!
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2011-Mar-21 - Big Beautiful Women

 I've noticed that people like skinny girls and they usually run away from fat ladies because they don't find them very attractive. That's probably a wrong mentality because all we see on television, in fashion shows or magazines are these skinny bitches. In my opinion they don't even look pretty. They have no body shapes (no boobs, no ass) and they can easily be confused with a living skeleton. All clothes are weird on them, very large, although they are supposed to be tight. I can't understand why these chicks are considered so beautiful and sexy because they're far away of being that.


As usual, I'm a little bit different from the rest. I like women with shapes, with a lovely body that I would touch all day long. I want to feel something when I put my hands on a woman, not only bones. Chubby girls are perfect, they have everything needed: big tits and a fine big ass. They look so hot wearing only lingerie and high hills! And you might call me crazy but I also like fat women, like really fat women! But don't worry, I'm not the only one. There are a lot of people who find them sexy, a lot of people who have sexual fantasies with these big beautiful women or even fetishes.


I think the cool thing about these women is the fact that they're special. They're different from the rest but still so attractive. They seem to be very powerful, always in charge of the situation and you must show them some respect. In bed they're true monsters, they're better than porn stars! They won't allow you to do anything, they'll always surprise you. I think the most sexy thing a big woman can do is striptease. Can you imagine that? Soft music, candle light and a big lovely woman with no clothes! It's fantastic, I can't even describe the feeling. Some people say that a fat lady would squeeze you if she's on top. But I have to say they're very wrong because they don't even know what they're talking about. You'll feel dominated and that will be very exciting. It will definitely turn you on. I'm sure that after you have an experience like this, you'll completely change your opinion about big women. You might not even want to deal with skinny girls anymore!

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2011-Feb-21 - Blondes Vs. Brunettes

I think there always has been a competition between blonde and brunette women. Usually blondes seemed to be superficial and easy to pick up and brunettes seemed to be more aware of their actions, trying to get their hands on a man nice and slow. This is certainly not a rule but it's at least what a lot of people think. Most men say they prefer blonde girlfriends but they want to marry a brunette. Why is that? What do men think?


It seems men consider blondes to be more sexy but also not too serious and they think brunettes are more romantic and sensitive. You all know the jokes regarding blonde women. They are said to be silly, spoiled but fun. That's why there's a famous saying "blondes have more fun". Indeed, blondes are considered to be more fun but usually men think that brunettes can be more trusted. Because of that, women with dark hair are also said to be better moms than blondes. One other advantage of brunettes is the fact that they cook better. These are probably the reasons they are considered to be better wives.



So they both have their qualities and defects. What about in bed? Who do you think men prefer? I noticed that men are usually more attracted to blonde women when we are talking about physical contact. Blondes are hot, nobody can deny that, but they are also said to be really good mistresses. Maybe that's because they have less inhibitions, they are more open about sex and they love to experiment and try new things. Sex with a blonde is awesome and it will always be if you know how to treat her. You can have sex with blondes all day, all week, all month and you won't get bored of them.


On the other hand, brunettes are considered to be more conservative. They always seem to have certain rules and men don't like that too much. But like I said before, that's not a rule.  Some brunettes can be even more crazy and wild than blonde women. That's why porn videos with brunettes are so hot and sexy. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with your hair color. It's all about your personality, your style and even your...appetite :-)

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2011-Feb-11 - Sex In Group

two hot blonds having sex with one man
If you don't have a small bed, if terms like "jealousy" or "shame" are completely strange to you and if you feel like a porn star...you might want to take into consideration having sex in group.
Humans aren't a lot more different from animals, at least not when we're talking about sex. Sex is a biological need just like any other: need for food or water, need for air etc.  Having sex means satisfying the need of physical contact, so we should satisfy that need the way we want to, the way we like it.


For some people this need is very important. These people want to have sex all the time, 3 times a day or more if possible, they want to experiment, they want to try everything and see what they like best. Nothing wrong with that of course since they have so many options.


Usually people want to have sex in group simply out of curiosity. They've heard that it's great and that it can't be compared with anything else. Some of us believe that sex in group only means that two couples switch partners ("swinging"), but since there are orgies with an impair number of participants, this myth is destroyed. Actually, sex in group covers all sexual practices that involve more than two persons.


Before sharing your bed with some naked people, you must know what you're "getting yourself into", excuse my expression :-) Because you might feel flattered thinking you'll be offered some flowers, but you'll be surprised to find out that "daisy chain" means a "chain" of oral sex. There is also a book that shocked America in 2000, "The Rainbow Party". The novel describes a sex-party where some chicks wearing different colors of lipstick were performing oral sex on men, leaving a "rainbow" on their penis. So before accepting an invitation to naked party, it's better for you to know what types of situations you might be facing.


The "sex in group" category includes threesomes (menage-a-trois), menage-a-quatre and gang-bangs. The double penetration  scene is very popular in porn movies but not a lot of people agree that it offers great pleasure. The vocabulary used to describe sex in group is very diverse. For example, a row of 3 up to 6 men penetrating one another is called a "trainfuck", but if the train is formed out of more than 6 participants it is called "centipete".


Now that you know all the possible combinations and positions of the participants, you have to think of the risks of such an adventure. It is well known that diseases are spread more easily to people practicing sex in group. A second risk, maybe even bigger, is that someone can record the whole "fun" and put it online. Maybe the next day you wake up and see your pretty face associated with the word "porn". On forums some people recommend to have sex in group when you're drunk, because all your inhibitions disappear. Watch out because if you're drunk you might do some things you could regret the next day and you might not be that careful with protection (or the video camera)!

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